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J. R. Frazer goes beyond providing expert reserve studies and valuation services. We’re committed to ensuring your association board fully understands your financial position through our reports.

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Decades of Dedication

Leveraging over 30 years in the field, J. R. Frazer Inc. specializes in crafting detailed reserve studies and valuation reports. Our approach minimizes unforeseen assessments, guiding your association toward financial stability.

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Our team is available for Zoom calls and on-site consultations from 9 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday. Please choose the format that best suits your association’s needs, and let us guide you toward a more secure financial future.

On-Site Consultation for In-Depth Engagement

For a more hands-on approach, consider our on-site consultation service. Ideal for annual meetings, this option allows our specialists to present findings directly, addressing any concerns in person. This service clarifies reserve dues and emphasizes the significance of maintaining healthy reserves for your association’s longevity.

Post-Report Zoom Calls

After delivering our comprehensive report, we invite you to a free Zoom call. This session allows you to dive deep into the report’s findings, clarify any aspects, and discuss its implications for your annual budget. It’s a perfect setting for Q&A, ensuring you’re fully equipped to navigate your association’s financial future.

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Reach out at 561-488-3012 for immediate assistance.


For inquiries or to schedule a consultation, email us at [email protected].

Let’s discuss how we can support your community’s financial health. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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