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J. R. Frazer's Florida Service Areas

J. R. Frazer proudly extends its expert reserve study services across a vast expanse of Florida, embracing a diverse range of communities and landscapes. From the vibrant shores of Palm Beach County to the bustling hubs of Hillsboro, Monroe, Orange, and Seminole Counties, our commitment to excellence knows no bounds. We’re here to support your association, whether it’s a reserve study in Miami in the dynamic environment of Miami-Dade County or the serene settings of Martin and St Lucie Counties.

Empowering Properties:
J. R. Frazer's Premier Services in Florida

Reserve Studies

Structural Integrity Reserve Studies (SIRS)

Property and Flood Cost Valuations

J. R. Frazer’s features are tailored for various clients, such as condominium associations, cooperatives, HOAs, country clubs, townhome communities, and commercial condominiums. These services assist with long-term financial capital planning, compliance, and property maintenance to enhance asset value and sustainability.

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